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Baltimore County Government - 2013 Open Enrollment



Active Employee Deductions Will Be Divided Between 24 Pays a Year:

Active employees will now have medical, dental, and vision deductions taken 24 times a year. The monthly amount will be split between the first and second pay of each month. For example, if you currently have $150 deducted from the second pay of the month, you will now have $75 deducted from both the first and second pay. In the months that you have 3 paychecks, you will not have medical, dental, and vision deductions on the third check of the month. The new deductions will begin with your first paycheck in December because we pay one month in advance for our insurance. Life Insurance will continue to be deducted out of the first check of the month. Flexible Spending Account (FSA) deductions will continue to be deducted 26 times at year out of every paycheck.

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Find the complete meeting schedule and additional Open Enrollment information at Employee Benefits. (New Rate Sheets will be posted)

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