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BCFPE Executive Board Election Results 2023

BCFPE Executive Board election ballots were counted on Friday, September 29, 2023. The results are listed below.

UPDATE: At the Nov. 2, 2023 scheduled Executive Board meeting, members voted unanimously to appoint Ben Little to the vacant Area 2 Vice President position, and Danielle Drell to the vacant Area 5 Vice President position. Ben and Danielle will serve out the remainder of the term. 

BCFPE Executive Board Election Results

John Ripley

Vice President
Christopher Morgan

Kasia Gatchalian  

Donna Neumeister

Area 1 Vice President
Joshua Tormey

Area 2 Vice President
Ben Little (appointed)

Area 3 Vice President
Matthew Madairy

Area 4 Vice President
Angela Spencer

Area 5 Vice President
Danielle Drell (appointed)

Area 6 Vice President
Hermes Rios

Area 7 Vice President
Vacant – To Be Appointed by the Executive Board


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