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Phone Blitz to Save Our Pensions

The bill that slashes $100 million in state contributions to OUR PENSION FUND is being discussed in Annapolis THIS FRIDAYafternoon.

We can stop the cuts and save our retirement, but only if we raise our voices as one to let our representatives know how we feel.

THIS FRIDAY, 2/28/14, from 11:30-12:30(during your lunch break, and using your personal phone), call your Annapolis representatives to tell them toVOTE NO! on lowering state contributions to pensions and keep their original promise to state workers.

Go to to look up your elected representatives by your home address.

ALSO, please call:

Senator Edward Kasemeyer, Chair of Budget & Taxation Committee.
410-841-3653 or 301-858-3653

Delegate Norman Conway, Chair of House Appropriations Committee.
410-841-3407 or 301-858-3407

Delegate Melony Griffith, Co-Chair, Joint Committee on Pensions.
410-841-3557 or 301-858-3557

Questions? Contact TODD REYNOLDS at the AFT-Maryland: 410-764-3030, x237.


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