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The BCFPE membership has agreed to a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Baltimore county that comes with unprecedented gains for county workers. The agreement gives county workers in the bargaining unit scheduled cost of living adjustment (COLA) increases for pay schedules 1, 1C, and 1E for fiscal year (FY) 2024. Additionally, there will be guaranteed schedule Steps and Longevities for FY24 and FY25, guarantee of no furloughs or layoffs for FY24 and FY25, as well as grade increases and added 13-year longevity for pay schedule 1C and 1E. This contract was ratified by the membership by a margin of 96% on May 26, 2023. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS AND > > > MORE

Pursuant to the BCFPE constitution, if you are a member in good standing and wish to, you may volunteer for the Election Committee to accept nominations for Board Members. Please submit your name to John Ripley at by June 2, 2023

The election committee will be selected at the scheduled June 8th Executive Board meeting​.

Please contact John Ripley at with any questions you may have concerning volunteering for the Committee.

BCFPE President John Ripley and the Executive Board would like to thank Baltimore County Correctional Personnel for their service every day and offer special recognition during National Correctional Appreciation Week. Our Correctional Professionals stand a post fearlessly every day and faithfully protect the citizens of Baltimore County. CLICK TO READ > > > MORE
BCFPE has reached a Tentative Agreement with Baltimore County for a two-year contract extension through FY2025. The BCFPE Negotiation Committee and the BCFPE Executive Board have unanimously accepted and recommend the Tentative Agreement for ratification by BCFPE Members. Full information regarding the Tentative Agreement, Informational Zoom meeting, and the ratification process will be forthcoming.  CLICK THROUGH FOR INFO, DATES AND > > > MORE
Public Service Recognition Week is the first full week of May, and BCFPE honors all of our members this week and every week for their service to the County and their communities. Public Employees are "Always Getting The Job Done"! CLICK FOR A SPECIAL OFFER and > > > MORE
National Public Safety Telecommunication Week April 9-15, 2023 BCFPE THANKS YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE “THE TRUE FIRST RESPONDERS”